1 VIP Ghost Host Spot (March 21 2022) 🎉

1 VIP Ghost Host Spot (March 21 2022) 🎉


1 Ghost Spot in the next available Collab Follow Loop on @ConsciousCollective.loop! We have awesome loops Every Tuesday!! Ghost hosts are followed by ALL collaborating loop pages in the event, and not required to participate or follow back.

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Join us as a Ghost Host for our next available (on @consciouscollective.loop)  Collab Loop! Ghost hosts will be followed by multiple loop pages in the event, loopers are instructed to go to all pages. You won’t have to worry about being in any large chats, posting or commenting on our post. You may follow back if you wish but you are not required to. Our followers/audience are aware that our Ghost Hosts are not required to follow back.

✔️ You MUST follow the admin: @TreeChicEco

❗️❗️❗️PLEASE LEAVE YOUR INSTAGRAM HANDLE IN THE NOTES WHEN CHECKING OUT TO SECURE YOUR SPOT!❗️❗️❗️ If you make a mistake in your username we will not know who to follow and we will skip over you. Once paid, we DO NOT offer refunds.

?Being a ghost means you do not have to follow back anyone. That is your choice but we do recommend it! We try our best to keep the unfollowing from happening!?

*** Please NOTE:
Please do not send us a DM to confirm. Once you have made the payment – we do receive a notification letting us know and we put your account on the ghost host list. On the day of or day before the loop, we follow ALL ghosts!