Engagement Sponsor Bundle (likes/comments)

Engagement Sponsor Bundle (likes/comments)


Sponsor our new engagement page! @consciously.engaged Participants are required to engage with your posts and you don’t need to engage back. A mix of likes/comments or use the drop down to choose:


Join us as an Engagement Sponsor for our next available Engagement Thread! Participants will be required to engage with your posts to join. You won’t have to worry about commenting or engaging back. You may engage back if you wish but you are not required to. Our followers/audience are aware that our Sponsors are not required to engage back.

❗️❗️❗️PLEASE LEAVE YOUR INSTAGRAM HANDLE IN THE NOTES WHEN CHECKING OUT TO SECURE YOUR SPOT!❗️❗️❗️ If you make a mistake in your username we will not know who to tag and we will skip over you. Once paid, we DO NOT offer refunds.

*** Please NOTE:
Please do not send us a DM to confirm. Once you have made the payment – we do receive a notification letting us know and we put your account on the sponsor list.

Additional information

Number of spots

2 spots (likes), 4 spots (mix), 2 spots (comments), 6 spots (mix)